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The Vision of KAU-CSSC is to be the benchmark in Professional Health Training and Simulation in the Middle East

 KAU-CSSC is committed to provide high quality Health Training Programs and to promote scholarly activities and

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كلمة رئيس المركز

The Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre (CSSC) at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) is a state of the art training centre that can be used as a resource for specialized training of medical students, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. In the centre, participants evaluate and diagnose patients through teaching models that incorporate the use of actor patient and computerized manikin that simulate disease....For More

Traditional teaching and learning styles are essential to an effective, high-quality health training  program and reality-based learning, like students receive at the King Abdulaziz  University Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre, that  plays a critical role in developing solid clinical and critical thinking skills.....For More
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