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There are several Task Training Manikins and Models that are available for basic and advance surgical:

  1. Skills suturing, wound closure and surgery knots trainer, advance Suture evaluation simulator with computerized competency assessment.

  2. Basic laparoscopic surgical skills which Improve eye-hand coordination and the Advance laparoscopic mentor simulator have realistic visualization of the human anatomy and practice of full common surgical operations.

  3. The breast models with simulated lumps and dimples.

  4. The diabetic foot model with an invasive wound on the bottom of foot and surface inflammation around toes.

  5. The hernia model that includes inguinal and umbilical hernias.

  6. Other task training models for venipunture, phlebotomy, IV cannulation, and drawing arterial blood samples for monitoring blood gases.

  7. The nasogastic tube insertion model


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 Obstetrics & Gynecology

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