CSSC Educational Programs

The Clinical Skills & Simulation Center (CSSC) at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) is a state of the art training center that offers specialized training of medical students, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. In the center, participants evaluate and diagnose patients through teaching models that incorporate the use of actor-patient and computerized manikin that simulate disease. CSSC provides opportunities for simulation-based hands-on training in a safe and challenging learning environment. CSSC also provides courses which can enhance the skills and improve the knowledge of those people in the medical field who are interested to join. These courses are usually accredited by the Saudi Commission of Health Specialties for many years. In 2016, CSSC as a leading national training center have received international accreditation from Royal College of Canada and Society for Simulation in Healthcare which has been proudly added to the center’s international achievements.

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