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About the Center

About the cnter


The education and health sectors received the attention of the state because of their essential role for sustainable development, and with the expansion of the establishment of medical systems and cities, the training needs of the practical cadres in the medical field, in general, can not be provided by traditional methods based entirely on health facilities only, which calls for the development of innovative plans and methods for learning and training. The University has established the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center (CSSC) to provide the ideal environment that fosters accurate and established health training according to international standards to provide training programs and research environment distinctive for students and medical and health staff to ensure the safety of patients, and reduce medical errors, which contributes to provide safe health services to improve the health of the community. The Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation (CSSC) at King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) is a state of the art training center that can be used as a resource for specialized facility for training health professionals from medical students, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, and evaluating participants through patient diagnostics and education models that include virtual patient use and electronic dolls for simulation High precision. It is a training and research center under the supervision of the University Development Agency. In coordination with the faculties of health and the university hospital, the center trains the working health cadres and provides the appropriate educational environment for the students of the health faculties and doctors in the graduate programs. Using different learning models that include simulation techniques, As the use of virtual patient and electronic toys for high-precision simulation, the Center also participates in research activities related to innovation and simulation in the health field with the participation of researchers from various relevant disciplines..

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