Academic Affairs Units

Academic Affairs

Over the last 10 years, many of the “new” simulation activities and individuals they quickly become a regular part of teaching for our varied spectrum of participant populations. CSSC continue to strive to increase the applicability of immersive and simulation techniques into all facets of teaching, learning, clinical process improvement, and research . CSSC develop the Academic Affairs Unit in 2017 to play the vital role in integrating the simulation in education, assessment, & simulation-based research.

  • Quality & Accreditation Unit: The quality and accreditation unit(QAU) continuously monitors the processes performance in CSSC. Furthermore, implementation of accreditation standards in various area of simulation experience. (QAU) effectively engaged in setting the strategic plan and following up the results that address continuous improvement
  • Program development Unit: Programs Development Unit looks forward to achieve the mission and goals of King Abdulaziz University through utilization of best-practice guidelines and methodology in designing and integration of clinical simulation programs student’s curricula. This will raise the effectiveness of training delivered to medical students and health practitioners.
  • Research, Innovation & Development Unit: The research and development unit has an ambition to the excellence in research and development by encouraging the scientific research as well as keep the pace with the rapid progress of clinical simulation, Moreover, the unit supports creativity and innovation in clinical simulation. Development and creating a robust research is one of our goals we are seeking to achieve .The Unit also facilitates technical support and consultancy to clinical simulation researchers

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