Technical and operational affairs

It is concerned with operating and organizing educational and training programs in all specializations, whether for the curricula of male and female students of health colleges during the academic levels of all levels or graduates, including various health cadres Therefore, the operating staff seeks to develop methods of organizing these programs in a way that makes it easier for the beneficiaries to make the best use of the capabilities of the center! It is also concerned with training and developing employees to provide the highest quality service

  • Reservation Unit: The educational program reservation unit at the center organizes and manages the program reservation mechanism according to the policies and procedures approved by the center in this regard.
  • The Simulation Programs Unit: aims to implement and manage simulation programs and equip halls for male and female students in health colleges and implement their own policies and procedures.
  • Management Information Systems Unit: Aims to preserve the integrity of the audio and visual systems and operate these systems to record simulation programs according to policies and procedures and to ensure the preservation of their confidentiality and integrity
  • Devices and Supply Units: The tasks of the devices and materials unit in the center are focused on maintaining the stock of devices, equipment and materials for the educational process in warehouses according to strict safety conditions. This unit also works to secure deficiencies and equip the classrooms for the beneficiaries of the services with the required devices
  • The Standardized Patients Unit: aims to train and rehabilitate people who assume the role of the patient for their use in the educational and training process and conduct tests for programs at the center. The unit also maintains lists of data for these people and categorizes these lists by age group.

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